Social Business, what is it?

Social business has changed the conventional notions regarding business. Traditionally, conducting business means obtaining profits through the provision of goods and services. Though the majority of businesses are aimed at achieving the top echelons of financial success, there should be an adequate concern for social responsibilities such as education, healthcare, and other basic amenities. In this discussion, we shall be involved in breaking down the larger significance of social business into smaller and comprehensible details.

Let us start with the basic foundations of a social business. Some of them have been enlisted below for your information:

  • Financial and economic continuity.
  • Investors do not get additional dividends other than that on the investment money.
  • The primary business objective is to counter social malice such as poverty and other issues like education, environment and technology need to be addressed.
  • The company retains profit on payment of investment money and embarks on further improvement.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Employees receive precise remunerations along with the favorable working environment.

Now that we have illustrated the founding principles for a social business, you need to know what can make your social business stand ahead of rest of the competition. Social businesses have an extra edge owing to the involvement of society. Moving on to our discussion we have to elucidate five features that will give answer to the question what is social business strategy?

  1. Social media is on the rise, and everybody on the internet must be aware of it. Social business draws benefits from the inclusion of employees on social media platforms and channels. Organizations used to abhor employee engagement on social media but changing trends favor the same in a prolific manner so that the organization can build its “brand” on the internet. Furthermore, this assists three functions such as human resource development, marketing and customer support. With social business selling will never be an issue!
  2. Content marketing in social business is carried out from three different perspectives. One is that of a diplomat, one of an analyst and the other is that of a marketer. These perspectives create an all-inclusive atmosphere within the organization facilitating acquisition of content from departmental experts. Infographics, informative videos and content account for engaging content and can fuel marketing prosperity.
  3. Employee appraisal and allowing the employee to function satisfactorily in his domain is a prominent entity in social business. Employee branding works wonders for the company’s repute, and the contributions of different employees shall not be allowed to go in vain.
  4. Social technology vendors have been in the news recently with software stalwarts such as Microsoft, Oracle and others spending fortunes for acquiring social technology. Social technology serves purposes such as content formulation, content sharing, and social engagement.
  5. Social business runs on data and marketing based on data denotes exclusive features such as response to marketing programs and evaluation of consumer response. Social technology has made it possible to gather practical data and derive pragmatic conclusions.

Understanding social business is a journey which never tires you and continues the paths of prosperity for you.

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