These Animals Are the Heroes Of 2015

Yes! Animals do have rights to achieve “the heroes” title in the present world. Though animals have no knowledge about the world but they do realize the feelings. With these feelings only they do the most heroism things that will make us amaze quite sometimes. In 2015, some animal heroes do appear in front of public and are chosen to receive the 2015’s animal award.

The Award Categories Present For 2015’s Heroes’ Animals Are:

  • Hero animal of the year: The hero animal award of the year 2015 goes to Pepper for its bravery. An incident shows that how brave Pepper was when two men reached Georgia Bradley on a remote beach while she in on a holiday in Crete. When Georgia Bradley began to fear and searching here and there for help, Pepper barked at the two men until they left the place. After that incident Georgia left towards her apartment with terror and this little brave hero follows her till her apartment reaches. Georgia couldn’t thank this little hero so she named her Pepper and she also paid for Pepper’s vet treatment and got her a passport.
  • Public services of the year: The animal who serves the public with police and Public services of the year 2015 title owner is none other than Stella. She was damn the one among the crazy animals who serve the Gloucester Police with her good search drive and worked. Stella is good at sniffer dog training, and she can pick up things easily. Stella is well-trained to search guns, drugs, ammunition and money including Euros and sterling.
  • Caring animal of the year: Holly is the 2015’s most caring animal of the year. Holly was earlier rescued from a puppy farm by Amy and her family where she had been treated as a breeding dog. One night Holly comes by side of Amy and is snuffing her face. Amy took her out but no change in behavior has noticed. Amy understands that Holly is not feeling well and need medication.
  • Rescue animal of the year: Miracle is the 2015’s rescue animal title owner. Miracle was rescued from a truck by the Scotland-based Amanda Leask.
  • Young animal enthusiast of the year: Jordan Havell is the young animal enthusiast of the year 2015. He along with his friends desperately battled to save life of a mammal.
  • Vet of the year: The award for Vet of the year 2015 goes to Marc Abraham who is a professional doctor and regularly appears on television to give uses and advice to promote responsible pet ownership campaign.
  • Outstanding contribution to animal welfare: The outstanding contribution to animal welfare title for the year 2015 has been owned by Ricky Gervais. He has a successful professional career for making the people laugh wholeheartedly. But when it comes to animal rights, he is a damn serious man.
  • Special recognition award: The special recognition award for the year 2015 goes to the Nowzad Dogs who have served Afghanistan during animal crisis for eight long years.

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