What’s New in Chess?

Chess has surpassed the limitations of any other board game and has gone on to achieve global acclaim. Chess players look for something new in chess always to have a strategic advantage over their competitors. The worldwide popularity of players like Magnus Carlsen and Vishwanathan Anand has prompted many youngsters to take up the game in which we have a checkered board on which 64 squares are arranged in an 8×8 grid.

The origin of chess is presumed to be in India where Chaturanga, an ancient board game was played. Chaturanga is assumed to be the predecessor of other board games analogous to chess such as Shogi and XiangQi.

Keeping yourself updated with chess news can facilitate accurate strategies to tackle the toughest of competitors. Primarily, we need to focus on the basics of chess that describe the stages through which a well-played chess game progresses. The three stages include:

  1. The Opening: Bring your forces to battle.
  2. Middle game: Co-ordinate your moves to land up in favorable positions and deploy attacks as well as counter the opponent’s moves.
  3. The Conclusion: With fewer pieces on the board, the Kings from either side can enter the showdown.

The number of chess new tricks evolving in the world is the resultant of shrewd intelligence and prolific planning of moves. While you may be wondering about the working of these tricks, let us first learn simple tricks to evade your opponent’s strike and end up on the winning side.

  1. Watch the opponent’s move cautiously.
  2. Make a move accordingly.
  3. Keep a plan in handy.
  4. Estimate the worth of pieces available on the board.
  5. Capitalize on initial opportunities.
  6. Don’t leave the center unattended.
  7. Ensure safety of your king.
  8. Trade pieces in appropriate situations.
  9. Predict the endgame in advance in your mind.
  10. Be cautious of any inadvertent mistakes.

If you follow these simple steps, then you won’t need cheap chess new tricks. However, there are some crucial facets in the game of chess which can facilitate different points of view to the game. An individual can alter their methods of playing chess based on their apprehension of the intricate elements of chess. Some of them are enlisted below:

  1. Good opening moves: Many aspiring chess players commit the random mistake of misplacing their opening moves and thus providing the opponent with better chances of capturing the game.
  2. The Sacrifice: At certain instances, you have to plan carefully the sacrifice of one of your pawns or pieces to trap the opponent. Sometimes you can also sacrifice a piece or pawn for gaining a higher piece.
  3. Pawns can do the damage: Considered as foot soldiers on the battlefield, pawns can change the course of the game if they are appropriately moved in structures and with protection.
  4. Target single sections: While progressing in the game, most players new in chess go for various moves going for one piece or the other. On the contrary, if you plan your moves in unison then you have better chances at victory.

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