Which Are The Most Visited Cities In The World?

Our world is certainly incredible with several astonishing, amazing and lavishing spots or locations. These may be natural or man-made; the cities with such incredible and attracting features draw the attention of the people from all around the world. The natural influencing factors cannot be described in words that make the tourists astounded.

The superbly defined monuments, sculptures are the man-made incredibility that attracts loads of tourists thus influencing the tourism factor of the city and country. Most of the countries around the world have specific cities that are accessed by many tourists from all around the world regularly. Among the Most visited city in the world, few of them are listed below.

The Top 10 Listed Cities That Are Accessed the Most

  • The city Bangkok is the first Asian City that topped the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index according to a report. The capital city of Thai edged the London city that was last year in the No.1 position having 15.98 international visitors. It is the city with the most important number of tourists. The city had generated US$14.4 billion with the number of visitors. There was a spectacular hike in international visitors vigorously of 9.8% in 2012. The top 5 feeder cities of Bangkok are Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.
  • London is one of the top destination places in Europe that was listed as world’s top accessed city in the world last year. The city was accessed with 15.96 visitors in international level. The collected revenue from the visitors is US$16.3 Billion, which is comparably more than Bangkok by $2 Billion. The top 5 feeder cities of London are Dublin, New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
  • Paris is the only city that loosed international visitors because of the terrorist activity in the city. The top 5 feeder cities of Paris are London, New York, Tokyo, Rome and Frankfurt.
  • Singapore is the 4th highest accessed city-state in the Southeast Asian region at the crossroads of Asia-Pacific region. This attracts the tourists for the active commercial sector and superb food scene.
  • New York is the only American City that is listed among the top 10 accessed cities by the international visitors. The revenue generated by the international visitors is US$18.6 Billion.
  • The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is the 6th largest accessed city according to the report that is located in the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It is popular for the destination. The expectation says, if the air travel connectivity grows for this city it will enter the top ten listed destinations.
  • The single Middle East destination that has topped in the destination list is Dubai having 9.89 million international visitors.
  • Kuala Lumpur is the Capital city of Malaysia and is the important link between Asia and Middle East.
  • Hong Kong is the most important city in China and is listed as the destination city.
  • Barcelona remains to draw huge international visitors from farther countries, in spite Spain suffer the economic woes.

The above listed are the top 10 visited cities from all around the world, and apart from these, there are many more cities that are visited by numerous of visitors every year resulting in the economic growth of the country.

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